Hey there 🙋🏻‍

I'm Moorissa Tjokro. I like to explore fascinating problems within the field of artificial intelligence and sustainability.

My current work is focusing on machine learning engineering. I recently worked on Tesla Autopilot to help launch our Full Self Driving feature, and was previously at NASA working on climate change research and the United Nations on supply chain optimization to reduce malnutritions in Subsaharan Africa.

I completed my M.S. in Data Science at Columbia University (2018) and B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Statistics at Georgia Tech (2014). These days though, I'm trying to dive deeper into the world of autonomous systems, so if you have any recommendations or are interested in collaborations, you can contact me at moorissa.maura at gmail dot com, or find me on LinkedIn.

When I'm not coding, I really enjoy swimming, volunteering, and writing. You can find some of my writings here on Medium. I also like to advocate for those in extreme poverty, women in STEM, and the environment.

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