noun e·dav \ˈē-def\

Welcome to a resource catalogue for exploratory data analysis and visualizations (edav).

The goal of this website is to share with you top resources from books, programming tools, and websites about edav, so we can all think and code like a data scientist. Follow the links below to get your feet wet on these topics!

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Here are some of the best data-driven visualization books that have been around for years, well-recommended by experts, and have been used most frequently in institutions across the country and around the world:

With usually different target audiences for each book, you might be interested in checking out the one that is most aligned with your interest and background. For instance, Cleveland's writing might be more relevant to statisticians and Tufte's to graphic designers. While Robbins's book might fit more for those new to data science and visualizations, Wilkinson's book is highly technical and intended more for computer scientists.

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scripting tools & platforms

Even your best, most creative ideas will most likely go nowhere without a proper visualization tool. Follow the resources below to bring your data to life with the tools that you're most comfortable of using:





Open Platforms:

You might also want to learn HTML, CSS and SVG or even Github too if you're interested in hosting your own visualization site!


sites & blogs

Last but not least, here are top 10 visualization websites that will (hopefully) inspire you enough to go make a dent in the field of data exploration and visualization:

Good luck!